Monday, January 30, 2006

9 Days Off

I get 9 days off since my company is sending me to Primm, NV. Where the hell is that you ask?... about 41 miles from Las Vegas and really close to California. I could use the time off my skates since I seem to have a bruise on the bone of my ankle. The tongue of the skate really is digging in right there and keeps me in pain for some reason if I have them on. It might be time to retire them and pick up another pair.

I get to spend a week in the desert hopefully there will be something to do since it is so far out of Vegas. I would have taken my gear with me and got a few games out there but of course injuries have plagued me all season this year.

I fought off a groin strain around Christmas. Thankfully we had a two week break for the holidays. That helped recovery tremendously but my first game back wearing the bands was tragic with that much time off. I fought off an ankle problem early in the season but now it is bruised which is the same as injuring it. I am scheduled for 5 games this week as an official and am supposed to play in one. Needless to say I will ref one and skip the playing.

I am not sure why I even had the league admin put me on a team since I am never in town or physically able to play.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ref, yours seems to be an interesting life !!

BluesCityRef said...

Thanks, and good luck on the marathon.