Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tantric at Newby's Memphis 06/19/08

I finally figured out what Myspace is for. Its for being able to find an impromptu bulletin about a band playing in town. I logged into Myspace on Thursday morning and found a bulletin posted by Newby's Memphis about  a band playing that night.

I was unprepared to snap shots of the action but when you're that close to the band.... my cell phone did a decent enough job.

Hugo decided some "Journey" was appropriate for the evening. At one point I remember him saying he was going to do shots and sing Journey the rest of the night. Luckily for the crowd he went back to Tantric tunes after just one song.

At the end of the show Hugo decided what the hell and got the entire crowd on stage with the band while they played "Breakdown". A few of us stayed on the ground level but only because we were rapidly snapping shots of this rare event as it was unfolding.

It was definitely one of the best audience experiences that I have ever seen at a show in town. Thanks Myspace; I got some random excitement for once during the week.

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Format

I think I'm going to change the format up on this blog a little bit. When I am in town I will write things that relate to Memphis be it bad politics or one of my crazy ass nights out. There are a lot of acts and things coming to town right now so it shouldn't be hard to find some content this summer.

I always seem to have an inside track to information here lately so I guess I can use this medium for people to pick up on it. In the winter it will still occasionally house some hockey or officiating information.

Speaking of crazy ass nights out; I went to an impromptu concert at Newby's last night. Tantric showed up in town and hardly anyone was there. That being said I got a few decent pictures on the camera phone that I'll put up. Stay tuned.