Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The game we love

I recently read some posts in the current USA Hockey Magazine about the reason people love the game. I figured I could take a minute to explain why I love the game and post it in my blog, since I would never send a piece of writing like that to USA Hockey.

I love the game of hockey; so much that all of the hours and pain I give to the game should make that quite apparent. It's a living breathing animal that is actually hard to comprehend some days and other days the simplicity of it is remarkable. The game is the one daily reminder for me what hard work and fundamentals can do for anyone. I have friends from all over the world and who have played all over the world. We all have one thing in common: hockey. Some are good at it some are not so good at it. A few of us make money at it and others are just there for the camradarie that goes with being a part of it.

Amazingly in my mothers last days she was still a season ticket holder of the pro team in the area. It had become part of her identity just as it had been mine for years and years. After a while you realize all the dedication it has taken over the years is just something that can't go away overnight. Some times we can take a break from it but you can't stay away from it forever.

The game is still the best friend I have. No matter how many bad habits I have it still is able to keep me healthy and baffle the doctors every time I am there.

I recently met a female friend that I am debating becoming involved with in the complicated sense; but I often wonder if she will share in the same love that I have and that my mother also came to know?

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