Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Dr K Day

As I sit here writing this I wonder how many other people actually get this day off? I am shocked after years and years of not getting any holidays off at all; that now I get every bank holiday there is.

I remember MLKJ Day in 97' was one of the best trips that my buddies and I ever took together. We had traveled all over the country during the summer always going to drum corps shows to visit friends on tour. I remember I was about 19 at the time and we all decided to go skiing / snowboarding because the KKK was having a rally in Memphis that weekend.

None of us had ever been before so we all packed the warm clothes and piled in the cars and headed for the North Carolina border. Amazingly I remember the night before it actually snowed in Memphis which is extremely unusual. Once we arrived we stocked up on all of the beer you could fit into the refridgerator and then headed for the mountain. After a hard day on the slopes it was truly unbelievable none of us had the energy to consume any beverages that night. I was extremely bruised and battered; that snowboard really beat the shit out of me the first day.

The next day there was a blizzard coming down out of the sky so we ended up getting stranded away from our condo since none of us had four wheel drive. Some locals gave us a ride up the mountain and the next morning when we were departing they ended up with a lot of beer as a gift of appreciation. Pretty much all the beer that we bought and never touched.

And the whole reason we got out of town that weekend: Memphis made national news coverage after the police tear gased the protestors. The KKK a bunch of ignorant bastards staged a protest protected by the first amendment of the Constitution of our great country. Another big bunch of dumbasses gathered to protest the KKK and gave the police the opportunity to practice their crowd control training.

Ignorance must truly be bliss.

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