Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey Ref, Get A Dog!

The most original put down we have ever heard come from a fan's mouth. At least it wasn't the normal cliche crap that they often think means something to us. I often laugh at them for using the same lines game after game. It gets old really quick but they don't seem to think so.

You've got to call it both ways... still my favorite one to hear coming over the glass. Funny thing is I still don't understand exactly what that means to this day. How do you call it both ways?

I am a hockey official. My job is to keep the game safe and fair. Safety first and fairness second; the fans are always willing to let us know when either objective has not been obtained. The objectives are the thing that crack me up about the "calling it both ways" comment. You can't stay safe and fair and even off penalties just because the crowd thinks you should. Someone is always going to be mad; I'm fine with that.

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