Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tivo Junkie

Man if it weren't for that damn Tivo I might get some things done on the weekends. I generally end up sitting around trying to watch some of the 36 hours of Alias, 13 hours of Jag, 15 hours of Charmed, and 12 hours of Angel that I have recorded. When I am not reffing hockey that is. Not forgetting that I also record Dog the Bounty Hunter, My Name is Earl, and my new fav Rollergirls during the week but watch them easily since they are only half an hour long. I'd probably have Buffy recorded too but it comes on the same time slot as Angel so that fucks that up.

What can I say? I worked in the casino business for the last 5 years so prime time television wasn't something I ever got to see. It just seems like I am overwhelmed with more tv to watch than I have seen in the last 10 years. What a product; I now officially watch more television than I would if I hadn't bought the Tivo.

I recently stumbled across two blogs that I now seem to read constantly.

Check them out when you have the chance. I enjoy them thoroughly.

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