Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Silver Sticks

Last weekend I was in Huntsville, Alabama for the annual Silver Sticks tournament. I actually enjoyed being back in Huntsville for the first time in 9 years. The last time I was there I was playing in that tournament. Since 9 years ago they have divided the tournament into two different weekends. I was there for little kid weekend. Mites, Squirts, and PeeWees were playing all that weekend. The higher levels were the week before which helps for that weekend to run very smooth. Most games were running 20 minutes early which is extremely odd for a tournament.

I got to call one game with the PeeWee A team from Nashville playing in it. I love seeing that team anytime the PeeWee tournaments are going. That's one coach that is good at what is happening on and off the ice. I heard him get loud once about one of my calls but he knew I wasn't wrong on the call just justififed it incorrectly. I quickly told him I called it the wrong thing and what it would show on the scoresheet and he had no more concern on it. He knew it was a good call eventhough the signal was wrong on the ice by the time we got to the scorekeepers area I changed it to what it should be. With the point of emphasis being head contact that game I had no issues justifying that to either bench. When both teams are committing the same offenses it is easy to not get coaches giving you the "Got to call it both ways" statement.

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