Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hey Ref, Your Partners Suck Too!

Funny how the guy lining in front of the bench of the coach that is pissed off catches the heat eventhough he may not be mad at you. I heard over my shoulder this weekend a couple of times; "You better keep your partner on that side of the ice because he is doing you no justice over here." All because of a couple of offside calls that maybe were or maybe were not correct. I can understand one of them; the second one maybe he should have caught and exercised judgement a little better but it was his first series of the season.

It was game # 58 for me. Of course my calls are going to be made with confidence and more than likely going to be hard to dispute. I had a 57 game advantange on my partner. Especially after a 10 game weekend the weekend before in Alabama. I saw and worked on as many of the things that I do incorrectly that weekend so they would be improved when I got back here. I think I did well progressing through that. He was looking at game #2 for the season.

That game did end with the coach mad at the referee too. What game doesn't have that happen? I got the traditional speech from the coach "Is this what we can expect tomorrow too?". I assured him that the referee would be back as a linesman and that the other two guys would be fresh crew with good consistency. How I can make a statement like that I am not sure because I don't have the first idea what the guy coming in might do.

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