Thursday, March 09, 2006

Foot ache

Wow I haven't had a blister since I was at Mohegan Sun Casino last summer. I can honestly say this is the worst one I have had in my life. I hiked 88 miles through Shiloh National Park in one year and dealt with many blisters during that trek. I've never had anything as bad as what my skates left on my foot the other night.

I woke up to this fluid filled monster the next morning. After deflating it I got my odds and ends done and went to a couple of casinos. On the way home I hit the local Wal-mart for some food and other assorted items. It had seemed alright until I quit moving. Now it is just a painful reminder of my skates not fitting the way they should.

I've only worn them once this season but I had them baked last year when I purchased them. Now I know my foot is more than likely not the same shape as they were when I bought them but the pain I have now is crazy. They have to be close to the same shape as they were when they were baked. I am going to have to find a solution to this now but I have an idea.

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