Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First time with the bands on in 05'

It's been a while since my last officiating post. Well needless to say the season has begun. I'm on game #22 so far. Not quite as many games as fast as last year but the season is far from over. By the end of the weekend I will be closer to game #30. I drew Collierville High School vs Chrisitian Brothers High School in my first game of the high school season. Going into the game everyone knows that Collierville (the defending State Champions) are more than likely going to win and probably by a large margin. So, I actually expected the game to be fairly lax and easy. It turned out to be far from that.

It was about half way through the second period when there was a questionable hit that sparked a fight. Next thing I know one of Christian Brother's players is trying to get in between the fighters. So I ended up handing out two major penalties for fighting and game misconducts. The guy that jumped in got a game misconduct also for being the first to intervene. Needless to say the coaching staff was upset at the third man call but what can you do? (I have been there before and in the middle of a 6 man brawl due to the guy that is just coming to help break it up. It is really a one of a kind experience to watch two goal tenders duking it out though.)

After that set of calls though the game seemed to police itself which was a great feeling that a referee only gets "once in a blue moon". Too bad they all can't go that way.

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