Monday, September 05, 2005

Last trip to Biloxi

Well since everyone has seen the news it's easy to realize I won't be back in Biloxi, MS in the immediate future.

I spent the week of August 22nd thru the 25th there. Luckily I was scheduled to leave and come back on Labor Day weekend for the opening of the Hard Rock Casino so I wasn't there during the storm. Needless to say all of the hard work I did that week preparing Hard Rock was all for naught. The building was flattened by our good friend Katrina that decided to come through and remodel the coastal front and many lives with it.
It is totally a surreal experience to be able to look at places that were there one day and completely wiped out of existence the next.

One of my big bosses from Las Vegas was in town checking things out so we spent quite a bit of time with him that week. His one stipulation while we were in town was that we had to eat at local establishments the whole time we were there. No, O'Charley's or any other large chain restaurants; we had no problems finding good meals all week at many interesting places. It's hard to fathom that all of these places were completely leveled after the storm. One of the places we ate had been there for something like 125 years. I guarantee it is there no longer. It is a shame though it really had character.

I always enjoy my time while I am in Biloxi and usually get to make my trips to Mobile, AL, and Pensacola, FL, during the same time. Hopefully I'll get to go back shortly and the place won't look like a total war zone.

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