Thursday, January 01, 2004

About Me

This is a blog about me. I ref ice hockey in the winter time in whatever facility can be found around the Memphis Metro Area. Lately that can take me as far as Decatur, Alabama, for a Memphis Blues home game. I have been known to lend out my athleticism to other towns from time to time also i.e. Nashville & Huntsville most often. 

Luckily the nice community of Desoto County, Mississippi, has a pro arena that we get to purchase ice time from. It helps their community subsidize some of the expense of having an arena and keeps the hockey community alive around Memphis. Why the leadership in Memphis couldn't figure that out we'll never know.

I touched my first IBM based computer at the ripe age 0f 18 when I entered college. The only thing that I had used before that was something in the educational institutions. Generally that was a Macintosh and I ruled at Oregon Trail. 

In the fall of 1997 I entered New Horizon's Computer Learning Center as one of the first set of people to go through the network certification courses. I believe I was the only individual that payed for those type classes during that time. Anyone in classes with me had been sent through by their companies. I made lots of contacts from that place.

After completing all of the courses for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Certified Novell Engineer I never took an exam. I think I had enough fear in me at the time due to being 19 years old and new to personal computers.

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