Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nice Night for a set of Orange Bands

Wednesday night was the first time I had been asked to wear the bands for a set of high school games this season. I just received my new ref sweater with the sewn in bands which I was thrilled to get to try out. I also got my first ever set of shin tights and some new runners for my t-blades.

The sweater worked out awesome, the shin tights did what I wanted, and the t-blades put me on my ass more than once that night. Nothing better than watching a hockey official fall down. It's way more memorable when you are the head ref of the game too. I got lucky in that game and it wasn't anything with my skating skill that took me out.

I was at about mach 2 headed down the ice chasing the play when a player came from the bench for a line change. Let's just say he didn't stand a chance. He forgot to look both ways before crossing the railroad tracks and got hit by locomotive BluesCityRef at full speed. The only way to attract more attention would have been to had an explosion happen at the same time.

Luckily no one was hurt during the collision (most importantly me) and I was able to spring back to my feet instantly. That was just the beginning of the night for everyone.

Earlier in the day a phone conversation had frustrated me. When she called me back later I was on the way to the game so I ignored the call. I don't ever do that to anyone (especially her) but I had to get my head straight for the game and was afraid something might rattle my mental capacity right then. I turned on the music loud in the car to try and focus on something else. It didn't help.

Come game time I wasn't dwelling on anything left over but it had to remain in the back of my mind. Hockey's an emotional game and sometimes the days emotions can carry into it. At the end of the game I had called 14 penalties on one team and 13 on the other. I broke the record for most calls this year by 6. I was fired up enough that I wasn't taking shit from anyone. A little mouthy-ness was worth a trip to the box that night.

I had two coaches in penalty trouble and one player in jeopardy of not being able to play their next games. I've never had a night like that in my career ever. I'm usually the ref that lets things slide and get evened up. Guess I should go to the rink a little pissed more often. Nah, then none of us are having any fun.

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