Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well I have re-registered to be an official for the forth year. Maybe this time I can actually come up with my level 3 credentials. Last year I took the open book exam without opening the book and missed 12 questions. That was two more than allowed. Before I knew it 30 days had passed and I didn't have the chance to fix the two questions so I was lowered back to level 2 for another season.

Quite humiliating when it comes down to it. I caught alot of hell from the state supervisor for that. Especially considering I am a senior official in the area.

I just got done watching the rules & emphasis video for this season. I am actually happy to see a well done video that will be shown to parents and coaches regarding all of the changes. This year will be hell for the officials on the ice considering all of the interpretation changes that are going to be enforced.

It should speed the game up and at the same time slow it down. We'll see how it goes in the first couple of games to know how it's going to go.

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